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Folding E-bike

The Range ST is the ultimate versatile e-bike, designed for a trendy, functional and utilitarian look. The step through design is made to ease the rider’s quick transition on and off the bike.
     • Compare to 2020 Step Thru Rebel/Folding Bike.
     • LCD display for ride information, including odometer, trip calculator,                speed, battery indicator and other settings.
     • Adjustable stem to fit most heights.
     • Thumb trigger throttle on demand & 5 levels of Pedal Assist with 80 Nm         of Torque.
     • Black Leather Chifa Faux Comfort Saddle.

A word from the Founder

The mission of Maverick Exchanges is to offer exercise tools that are fun and can be used anywhere by anyone. Our Mad Straps product is more than a weight training suspension system, it a doorway to a healthier life. With gym closures people need this product more now than ever, because of the inability to go to out, and training from home or outside has never been more popular or crucial. 

– Sid Carpenter

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